Design Statement:
There are many examples of controllers that are viable for competitive game play. However, there are few that consider the materiality and tactile experience beyond the ergonomic form factor. There yet to be a singular accepted answer for a perfected game controller, although we have come very close. In most cases the ideal controller disappears becoming an extension of your hands, going unnoticed by the gamer.
What is cool control?
Cool Control is a series of game controllers that explore the various possibilities of human interaction with games. The series acts as tribute to the developmental influence of those within the gaming community who grew up during the genesis of home console gaming; and meant to explore an alternative ideology of the gaming experience.   
How it's put together
Cool Control's exterior is 95% made from walnut wood material, with a brass tube that connects the left and right sides of the controller. The brass tube allows for the controllers movement while maintaining its structural integrity. An arduino pro micro is inside the controller to emulate a mouse and keyboard. This makes the controller programable for nearly anygame. 
A Big thank you to those who came to test out my project!
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