Package design for nothing: spring 2017
The Lack Thereof, is a commentary on the notion of “planned obsolescence,” through the lens
of contemporary package design. Its form is inspired by the curves of Streamlining, but meant to leave the consumer curious about what the missing object could be; when in reality, the object never was. The packaging is now the product. The package is meant to appeal to the senses by utilizing tactile and aesthetic qualities such as: the curves, colors, velvet texture, the strength of the cork, and the overall quality of its construction. Consumerist’s should appreciate this item because it comes in not one, but two color schemes! It should appeal to the Anti-Consumer because this package is made mainly of environmentally conscious materials (other then the flocking), it’s water resistant and energy efficient (meaning, no batteries required). Although this product is mainly environmentally friendly, it is build to last, and not to be recycled or thrown away. This product will be launched on a website that will allow for it to be purchased at cost of materials, plus shipping, plus packaging.

Check out the website I made here: The Lack Thereof
Design Fiction
The nature of this project stems from the notion of speculative or fake design, and due to its inherent ability to make powerful commentary.
Packaging, waste and consumerism
There is a notion that exists today that we shape our personal identities based on the way in
which we display our values. The most obvious example of how we display those values, is how we
choose to spend money.
The juxtaposition between the logic behind why we purchase goods from companies like Starbucks verses blue apron may seem vast, yet they both offer 2 things: convenience and waste.
Streamlining is cool... was cool? The issue of consumption and waste has become largely a topic of concern with environmentalists today. However, if we look back as far as the
Streamlining Movement in the 1920’s and 30’s we can find much
evidence of Consumerism and waste tactics being implemented by
The role of the designer was to conceal the inner-workings of machines, initiating a distinction between inside and outside, structure and skin. Streamline design ideas seem
to have based its model on packaging, a medium that often has a so-called perceived obsolescence of what is considered durable material. However, by updating designs periodically (and often), consumers would be teased into replacing products with the newest models so that they could maintain a persona of being ‘up-to date’. This would lead to the disposing of previous models and thus creating consumer waste. However, Streamlining was able to get away with this strategy because it was able to develop on the perception that it was design, meant for the future.
Designing for the intangible
So how do I design for something that doesn't exist? For me, it came down to a few basic elements to achieve a successful product. A stylish presentation, in this case the packaging, and clever branding; the more humorous the better.
I mean, who wouldn't wanna use their NoPhone to order up a refill on fucks to give? What's that saying? One mans trash is another mans branding Art project... it's something like that.
My project documentation
Check out the website I made here: The Lack Thereof
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