Brief Intro
Here you find a few small scale games I have worked on myself or in collaboration with other artist/designers. Each game I've worked on is inspired by a core idea that I was interested in exploring. In most cases these games are incomplete, but the general essence that inspired their creation is, I think, fully present.
My first ever game
The first game I ever build, I was mainly focused on learning how manage communication of information between multiple scripts in C# (C-sharp). However, the main intention is create a game that required balance and timing, as well as the ability to manipulate the position of the camera around the player.
The first challenge was connecting the player score to the HUD (head-up display). Then I needed to connect that information to unlocking the gate, by removing the collider after a certain score was attained, and indicating that it was unlocked by changing its color. Thus, allowing the player to move to the next stage. After which, the player would proceed to navigating obstacles I placed on the map.
The Crossing: game 2
I began this project because I was interested exploring the capabilities of Unity by trying to simulate a natural phenomena. The first thing that came to mind was to replicate wind. To make this into a game, I thought about how I could create an experience that asks the player to move from point A to point B, but to make things interesting adding the invisible obstacle of wind. Then I thought, what can wind affect the player would need to walk on to accomplish this goal? A bridge. So, I created a rope bridge due to its precarious nature.
After completing the construction of the bridge, I added some textures to make the landscape a little more visually interesting and a particle system to add a little rain to the scene. Once that was set, I added customized 'wind zones' that would randomly add force to the bridge in different directions. 
When I tested the game with others, I realized that it was much more challenging than I anticipated. So I constructed 2 shorter bridges that increase in difficulty as you proceed from one to the next, to 'train' players to work up the skill needed to finish the game.
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